Fast Cleaner Speed Booster And Apk

By | August 15, 2020

More about Fast Cleaner – Speed ​​Booster
Fast Cleaner is a small Android optimizer app that helps users clean junk files from their device to speed up their smartphone as well as recover device storage space. It also helps the user in managing their applications.

Among the app’s many features, some of the important features are cash cleaner, memory booster, and CPU cooler. Also, you get a battery saver, a safe browser, a game acceleration, and a speed booster. With the help of cache cleaning feature, one can locate their own cache and clean them from junk files, old trash, ad files as well as cache to recover storage on their device. Do check out Clean Master if you want all the latest features.

Boost speed with Quick Cleaner
With Speed ​​Booster, the user can speed up their phone while the cleaner makes the phone look as if it has been reborn to improve the user experience. Memory booster allows user to clean unnecessary apps which free up RAM running in background as well as save battery power. The sustained development of Fast Cleaner allows the phone to run faster than ever.

Fast Cleaner CPU Cleaner detects any apps that can overheat and clean the phone in seconds to cool it down. With Battery Saver feature, anyone can tap backup app running in the background with the help of background clicks to increase battery time and health. The user will need to access some permissions for the apps that run through this app. Check PowerDev Support for help with your mobile phone.

Fast Cleaner’s Safe Browser feature allows users to browse web pages and then delete browsing history with one click and they don’t need to worry about leaving anything behind. Game acceleration is a feature that allows users to create game folders specifically to find and play games. Before someone starts playing, they must clear the internal memory of the device to speed up the game. This feature also requires reading background apps so it also requires related permissions.

Is your phone slow, hanging or out of place? Fast Cleaner is the best speed booster and junk file cleaner to speed up phone and reclaim memory space. It can boost phone speed by 50% and save battery power by up to 20%.
Only 2MB, Fast Cleaner can clear cache and junk files to recover storage. Clear RAM and speed up your Android phone to prevent unwanted apps in the background. And applications stop automatically to save battery power.
Main characteristics
Enhanced speed editor
Pain cache cleaner
Memory booster b
★ Battery saver
CPU cooler
Root free

Ed speed booster
With OnePlay promotion, it makes speeded Android phones 50% faster. Speed ​​booster and cleaner renew your Android phones with better user experience.
Pain cache cleaner
Strictly, this cache cleaner can detect and clean unwanted cache, ad files, junk junk, memory cache and other unwanted files to recover storage.
Memory booster b
With unnecessary clean apps running in the background, this speed booster frees up memory (RAM), saving up to 20% of battery life. Even better, the permanent boost effect makes your phone run faster.
★ Battery saver
Fast Cleaner is also a useful battery saver, helping you monitor memory usage and intelligently detect apps that are using a large amount of memory. After increasing the speed, it can stop the unnecessary process and save 20% of the battery.
CPU cooler
Find and clean apps that are causing the overheating. To boost your click memory, return the phone in seconds.


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